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First, I believe the purpose of advertising is to sell, not win awards or applause. This is why each merchandising product in our website has one purpose and one purpose only for a specific industry. I will share with you which products have been a failure in some industries and which one have been succesful in your industry in conjuction with implementation of direct response advertising.

Second, I believe that a single measurement is worth a thousand opinions. That is why these succesful campaigns trade not in opinions, but proven strategies my clients and I have discovered by exposing them to their niche markets tests.

Third, I believe in selling with integrity. The strongest marketing campaigns easily explains the benefits of your products and services. You do not have to shortchange your customers, sully your good name or cut corners. Treat your customers by the Golden Rule and they will reward you with more gold.

Fourth, I believe in you, in the tremendous untapped power of your mind and my mind to achieve anything we truly desire and believe, as long as it create value to others. So in these marketing strategies, I wil probe you why it’s IMPOSSIBLE to run out of ideas, or new angles for attracting customers in your campaigns.

7 years of experience importing products from Asia and USA, and selling quality corporate gifts in the market, with over 16,000 different products to choose from.
Quality Control in the factory, before and after imprint your logo in the product.
We can imprint your logo in the factory in Asia or in USA with our local inventory.
Price vs Time: To get the best price if time allows, we can import your products, or if you have a rush order we provide from our local inventory.
Your satisfaction is our commitment in all details of the process, from the initial contact until the packaginf selection.
Our goal is that your logo improves the royalty of your customers.

Admiral Gifts & Premiums is company that offers marketing giveaways, promotional ítems, corporate gifts, and direct import orders. We offer over 16,000 items from over 40 suppliers in Asia, Southamerica and USA. Request our catalog to

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